Design algorithms for continuous physiological monitoring using intelligent clothing - ON-146

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or a related field (PhD; Post-Doc)
Company: Myant Inc.
Project Length:  6 months (1 unit) with possibility of extension to 1 year
Desired start date: September 2018
Location: Toronto, ON
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: None

About the Company: 

Myant Inc is the world’s first textile computing platform, integrating technology directly into the clothing and textiles. The sensors and actuators embedded within the Myant’s apparel connect your body to the digital world, creating a Digital Identity. This data is uploaded to the cloud and can be shared with your doctors, coaches, and family members as well as other IoT devices. As the line between the digital and physical world is becoming increasingly blurry, Myant Inc predicts that the textile is the next medium to bridge that gap. 

Project Description:

The project will focus on development of methods and machine learning algorithms to extract physiological parameters from a wide range of bio-signals. Specifically, the projects will focus on continuous health monitoring using multiple sensors located at various locations on the human body.

Research Objectives:

  • Sleep apnea detection using ECG and respiratory signals from intelligent clothing
  • Detecting fatigue using heart rate variability features
  • Arrhythmia detection from single channel ECG
  • Fall detection
  • Bio-signal quality detection


  • TBD

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    The ideal candidate should have a PhD in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering with a strong experience in electronics. As well, strong quantitative background (ideally in the field of Applied Mathematic/Signal Processing/Machine Learning) is a plus.

    Specific requirements:

    • PhD degree (or ongoing PhD) in computer engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, or a related field
    • Strong skills in machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, and time-series analysis
    • Deep understanding and experience with bio-signals (for example ECG, EEG, EMG, etc.)
    • Solid mathematics and algorithm development background
    • Proficient with MATLAB and Python, with libraries related to machine learning and signal processing
    • Familiar with C/C++

    Special consideration will be given to candidates with:

    • Previous publications and patents
    • Some experience with Big Data analysis, especially with Hadoop and Apache Spark
    • Some experience with bio-mechanics and human motion analysis
    • Some experience with real-time algorithm development
    • A biomedical background
    • Some experience with data mining

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