Designing a screening protocol for an e-learning occupational Mental Health program - AB-030

Preferred Disciplines: Psychology/Epidemiology/e-learning expert - Masters or PhD level
Project length: 12 months (2-3 units)
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Calgary, AB or Toronto, ON
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Language: English
Company: NA


About Company:

Our company is a full suite e-learning company in the mental health space. We create customized media, curriculum, and e-learning platforms for groups looking to improve the mental health of their stakeholders. 

Project Description:

Our Company is developing a product that will be used in the workplace to improve the mental health, resiliance, and performance of employees. Our model is one of blended learning, that is, in person workshops conducted by leading psychologists and psychiatrists in addition to an e-learning platform with a fullsome curriculum, tools, and media.

Given the leading cause of workplace disability in Canada is mental illness and early recognition and care has been shown to be effective, we are looking to embed an evidence based screening protocol into our e-learning platform. This screening protocol will need to be effective and fluidly embedded into the media heavy and interactive platform we are designing. To prevent poor mental health outcomes we would like users of the platform to have an early awareness of possible mental illness such that they can get appropraite help before getting severely unwell and needing to go on short term disability.

This project will require an individual who can create and then measure the impact of that creation. After coming to a sufficient understanding of best practices in workplace mental health screening, this individual will need to ascertain the most valid screening protocols in the field today. Afterward, this individual will need to work with our development and creative team to embed this protocol into an e-learning platform.

Throughout this process, this individual will need to be designing a methodology and action plan to understand if our e-learning platform and accompanying screening protocol is accomplishing its goal in getting more individuals, who screen positive, into care. An important aspect of this project will be knowledge translation, as such, this individual will be expected to complete a manuscript and publish on the findings of this screening technique.

To improve engagement in the platform we are hoping that our platform portends an economic benefit for the companies that use it. As such, the final step in this project will be applying a cost and return on investment model to the potential improvement in help seeking for platform users. The individual who takes this position will be expected to create a presentation on the return on investment potential of using this mental health screening e-learning platform.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Conduct a literature review on best practices for occupational Mental Health Screening
  • Apply these best practices to our current mental health e-learning platform
  • Embed validated screening protocols into a mental health e-learning platform
  • Design study methodology to understand if our e-learning platform is increasing help seeking behavior
  • Publish a manuscript on these findings
  • Create a presentation on the economics of utilizing an occupational mental health screening platform such as ours


  • Designing the study methodology for this project will be a significant part of this internship

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Literature review
  • Understanding of established and validated screening protocols in mental health
  • Application of paper screening protocols to e-learning platforms
  • Study Design
  • Data analysis, synthesis, critical thinking
  • Writing
  • Presentation creation


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