Determining efficacy of continuous diet and exercise monitoring in weight-loss outcomes - BC-408

Preferred Disciplines: Medicine, Nutritional Science, Psychology (Masters, PhD or Post-Doc)
Project length: 4-6 months (1 unit)
Approx. start date: January - March 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Vancouver / Toronto universities
Company: Anonymous

About Company:

We create software solutions for personal trainers and the medical profession to continuously monitor clients’ diet and exercise.

Summary of Project:

We wish to determine the compared efficacy in achieving weight-loss goals between two groups. The experiment group will be continuously monitored for their diet and exercise activity via wearable fitness technology, smart scales, and other products and a 3rd party will notify them any time they are not on-plan. The control group will not be continuously monitored by a 3rd party and will not receive notifications any time they are not on-plan. Various measures of weight-loss success will be captured during the experiment to determine the compared efficacy between the two groups. Our goal is to determine whether receiving notifications from a 3rd party when a person is not meeting their fitness goals aides in weight-loss.

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

Determine whether or not having a 3rd party continuously monitor diet and exercise aides in weight-loss.

  • Identify ways of accurately measuring success.
  • Determine the compared efficacy of the two groups.


    • Study participants will be provided with a wearable fitness device and smart scale.
    • Study participants will photograph their food and post it to a social media site.
    • The experiment group’s data will be continuously monitored. Participants of this group will receive 3rd-party feedback from the study’s administrators any time they fail to meet their fitness goals.
    • The control group’s data will not be continuously monitored. Likewise, participants in this group will not receive additional feedback.
    • The weight-loss efficacy of both groups will be compared.

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Population study
    • Nutrition
    • Physical fitness

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