Develop physical displays of technology use cases - ON-100

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Design, Curation, Masters 
Company: Cisco 
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Desired start date: September
Location: Toronto, ON 
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Language: English.

About the Company: 

Cisco Innovation Centre focuses on helping customers Ignite digital transformation:

Re-imagine and accelerate your digital journey to lead in a connected economy in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and urban innovation. Partner with us to create relevant solutions through co-development, creation of proof of concepts and prototypes to grow your business.

Project Description:

Take existing solutions that have been developed and build a demo that outlines the business capability and technology that comprises the solution. Curate a phsycial space with Cisco and 3rd product technology to depict these soutions developed. The Cisco Innovation Centre should show “use cases” that outlines problem, solution, impact to customer and technology used. The IC also shows the art of the possible and takes technology and needs to display it creatively that tells a story with impact to customers and sales. 

Think about how you would develop a museum like display for an interactive demonstration of technology. The demonstrations need to show the solution and business outcomes in a unique, creative and compeling way, that highlights the impact to the customer and the business outcome that was delivered.

  • Innovation Centre Lab needs technology to be integrated or displayed in a way that tells a story or actually shows a demonstration. This space needs to be curated, and built using existing technology to meaningfully display use cases
  • Find technology solutions that can demonstrate new trends in specific inustries like manufacturing or retail, and demonstrate these technologies running in collaboration with Cisco archictectures
  • Support infrastructure requirements across projects for customers or for vendor validation to test and verify technology on Cisco infrastruture

Research Objectives:

  • Demonstrate solutions in a way that is relevant to sales and customers to drive customer engagements with Innovation Centre
  • Prove out technology solutions to validate how best technology can work on Cisco platform
  • Curate new and innovate solutions and technology that can show digital trends and new areas for technology adoption


There is a lot of scope for the candidate to propose ideas for new areas of research if it ties back to Cisco’s core business opporuntities.

  • Explore new research areas that have business relevance and build a demonstration that outlines the impact of the solution. Example: Autonomous cars – what are the major elements a city might have to run a fleet of autonomous cars for transit or delivery ? What are the things that could be demonstrated to convey major components of this ? Could you use lego or Remote controlled Tonka trucks that drive by algorithyms that would simulate a real world environment in an open pit mine ?
  • Example: could machine learning be used to aggregate information on building occupancy to determine ideal building management cost savings ? How could this be demonstrated ?

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Networking Skills on Cisco Architecture (eg CCNA, CCIE etc)
    • Knowledge of startup technologies
    • Knowledge of digital business transformation conversations

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