Economic and technical feasibility of growing Katemfe (Thaumacoccus Danielli) in Greenhouses - QC-190

Preferred Disciplines: Agronomy, Plant Biology (Masters or PhD)
Project length: 8-12 months (2 units)
Approx. start date: As soon as possible
Location: Montreal, QC
No. of Positions: 3
Preferences: McGill Plant Science – But any qualified researcher is of value
Company: Anonymous

About Company:

Partner is a food and beverage specialty ingredients company (Startup)

Summary of Project:

Katemfe is a Rhizomatous, Perrenial herb that grows optimally under shaded conditions and is native to West Africa. The company is seeking to commercially grow and process Katemfe for use in the pharmaceutical, animal feed and Food & Beverage industry. Given the rarity and limited supply of the Thaumacoccus danielli fruit, the objective of this project would be to evaluate the economic and technical feasibility of growing katemfe (currently only commercially available from wild harvest in West Africa) in Canadian greenhouses in sufficient yields to reduce risks associated to climate and geopolitical  variability (eg.: Recent Ebola outbreaks, droughts, etc.)

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Validate the technical and economic feasibility of growing and harvesting Thaumacoccus danielli at commercially viable yields.
  • Can this plant be grown in a greenhouse ?
  • Under what conditions can this plant be grown in a greenhouse ?
  • At what cost per yield can this plant be grown in a greenhouse ?
  • Evaluate scalability


    • To be discussed with the researchers

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Someone with knowledge of greenhouses
    • Someone with wild/native plant experience

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