Formulation of cannabis oil derived products - ON-225

Preferred Disciplines: Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD or Post-Doc)
Company: Anonymous
Project Length: Minimum 1 year
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: St. Thomas, ON
No. of Positions: 2
Preferences: None

About the Company: 

Our pharmaceutical grade GMP facility produces only premium grade medical and recreational cannabis produts.  Our focus is on quality at all levels, with a vision of producing the purest products on the market within the most controlled environment. 

Project Description:

Under Cannabis Regulations, cannabis oil derived dosage forms are allowed to sell to both medical and recreational clients. However, compatibily and stability of these products have not been estabilished. This company will be approaching every product development from GMP perspective. The intern will be developing cannabis based products (hard capsule, soft gel capsule, transdermal patch, subligual spray, topical and cannabis-infused beverage). Formulation development will be conducted in GMP facility where these products must meet with Health Canada and EU regulations.

Research Objectives:

  • Develop stable formulations for cannabis products:
    • Hard capsule
    • Soft gel capsule
    • Subligual spray
    • Topical
    • Transdermal patch
    • Cannabis-infused beverage


  • Conduct accelerated stability of product in different packaging materials to understand the stability of fomulation.
  • Perform HPLC to determine the potency of THC and CBD

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Strong background in hydrophobic drug formulation and wet chemistry, along with a research mindset. 
  • Excellent experimental design, data collection, results interpretation and problem solving skills.
  • A drive to create the best possible product though analysis and continuous improvement.

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