Improve workplace well-being using a cloud-based software platform that studies the interactions among members of an organization - QC-165

Preferred Disciplines: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Business and Artificial Intelligence (Master, PhD or Post-Doc)
Project length: 2 years (6 units)
Approx. start date: As soon as possible
Location: Montreal, QC or Kingston, ON.
No. of Positions: 2
Preferences: None
Company: Anonymous (2 companies)

About Company:

We are a software company providing both consulting services and custom solutions for a wide-variety of enterprises for more than 14 years. We are a team of passionate and very skilled individuals driven to change the world and the workplace. The team includes; software developers, graphics integrators, database analysts, architects, and designers. All of whom are dedicated to providing the best quality software products for our clients. Our company has been investing in the development of a suite of leading edge products for business. These life-improving products have been tested in real market operation and are being taken to the marketplace. We provide an awesome start-up environment for employees and interns and involve everyone in a wide variety of `real world` activities.

Our sister company was incorporated in 2015 to introduce our Management 3.0 approaches tailored for today’s workforce. The products have been developed from extensive business experience, observation, and research. After rigorous testing and market feedback, these products are entering the market. As groundbreaking products, we have withheld them until well advanced. This captioned research and development project is the future, and is planned to keep these products well ahead of the market’s adopter companies.

We are a high purpose organization and uniquely structured for opportunity and shared benefit to all involved. Our goal, and our joy, is  producing and delivering products that symbiotically make people’s worklives better while improving organization outcomes. The products are anchored in low tolerance for counterproductive behaviour and self motivated improvement of the indivdual. Business has traditionally measured and managed the quantitative aspects rigorously, unfortunately managing qualitative performance has traditionally been single individual focused, elusive, or ignored. We will change this.

Better Interactions, better workplaces, better results.

Summary of Project:

  1. Our companies have been developing a solution for the longstanding need:  Evidence based management for the quality of individual interactions, and behaviours, within an organization; to remedy and\or remove the counterproductive, and to enhance and enable positive behaviours, civility and engagement.
  2. The platform is unique and distinctly not social feedback, nor 360 evaluation. Our cloud-based system detects, measures, maps, corrects and sustains the quality of interactions and culture among members of an organization or a work group.
  3. Research will be performed to guide and integrate AI development, enhancing our game changing approach for healthy work environments and organizational remediation of counterproductive and bad behaviours (such as harassment, bullying, intolerance, discrimation, targetting, and more).

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Investigate the approaches of providing mangement a more efficient and effective route to improving and protecting individuals, organizational health, and profitability.
  • Integrate behavioural theory and practice, sentiment analysis, and AI potentials with our interaction mapping, measures, and recognition platform to automatically guide management reponses.
  • Apply the above to guide the optimization and prioritize future development of our platform’s unique ability to motivate individuals from compliance to commitment, and to amplify change motivation.
  • Develop a model for the AI mining, machine learning (with the help of an AI specialist), and application of insights distilled from the crowd informed data to identify (with varying level of probability):
    • The likelihood and significance of nascent behavioural situations that may be arising.
    • The potential significance and suggested response path for seriously bad behaviours that may appear.
  • Research, enhance and ensure that the unique mechanisms to increase credibility and eliminate bias, skew and deniability are effective.


    • To be discussed with the researcher

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    Psychology and/or Business:

    • Strong research background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behaviour
    • Interest in the future of management
    • Interested in the interesection of traditional business wisdom, technology and rapidly changing workforce cultures
    • Strong analytical skills to support in-depth research
    • Ability to simplify and document complex problems

    Artificial Intelligence:

    • Knowledge of C# and TSQL (required)
    • Knowledge of Python (a plus) and/or AI libraries
    • Data analysis (Big Data in the context of mathematical probability and statistics)
    • Methodical approach to software development.
    • Strong multi-disciplinary collaborative skills

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