Matching algorithm for riders and drivers for HopOn - BC-364

Preferred Disciplines: Machine learning, computer science (Masters, PhD or Post-Doc)
Project length: 1-2 years (up to 6 units)
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1 or 2
Preferences: Nationwide applicants.
Company: Appscoop Solutions Inc. 

About Company:

​App-Scoop is  a premium app development and consulting firm hyper focused on delivering polished Mobile and Web Solutions

Project Description:

Researching the best algorithm to automatically match the Drivers and Riders in real time. The goal of the project is to maximise the acceptance rate of rider/driver requests. With the app, we would like to promote the concept of ride sharing and connect riders and drivers who are travelling to the same destination or are working in same corporate office. Both riders and drivers will have the ability to search for parties with the same destination. There is an algorithm that matches the users within a time frame and location radius. 

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Researching the best algorithm to maximise the acceptance rate of the driver to rider & vice versa requests
  • Perform market research to get user data and conduct surveys to get user feedback
  • Analyze market needs, document it and translate it in a design specifications for development team
  • Dynamically find the best match in the real time using data such as profile, preferences , location and past transactions
  • Write the solution in the programming language of choice and develop a working solution


  • Develop a hypothesis for the solution
  • Collect, Analyse and refine the underlying data required to prove the hypothesis
  • Develop a working model to validate hypothesis. If hypothesis proved then optimise the model otherwise start with step 1 again
  • Develop an integration plan with the application
  • Integrate and test the full working solution

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Business Analysis skills, requirement documentation, market research
  • Project management skills, project documentation, timelines
  • Technical documentation, specifications for the development team
  • Computer programming knowledge prefrabbly in Java
  • Database knowlegde of SQL databases
  • Knwoledge of web and mobile applications
  • API development
  • Data Analysis and model development


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