Passive in-home health monitoring for dependent persons - BC-410

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science or Engineering (Masters)
Project length: 4-6 months (1 unit)
Approx. start date: January 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: None
Company: Empowered Startups Ltd. and Factic Technologies Inc.

About Company:

Empowered Startups Ltd. is a business incubator in downtown Vancouver. We accelerate and incubate innovative international business ideas. We work with driven entrepreneurial leaders capable of building outstanding startups that enhance the prosperity of their chosen ecosystems. This research is in partnership with FACTIC Technologies, a startup devoping technology for passive health monitoring.

Summary of Project:

Aging and health risks such as seizures, heart disease, or hypotension; put people’s ability to live independantly at risk. As a safey guard, many wear a button pressing alarm system for emergency. However, sometimes users are resistant to using wearables or remove them. Our venture is focused on using intelligent multi-sensor montitoring system to detect abnormal or life critical events in the home by using learning algorithm’s to monitor the user’s real-time behavior against his / her usual living routine without invading a patient’s privacy.

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

The purpose of this project is to advance the knowledge on in-home health monitoring systems and sythensize the major research that has been done to date. More specifically, in this research, we attempt to answer the following research questions:

  • What privacy regulations need to be considered in developing a solution to monitor users/patients at home?
  • What sensors and cameras can be used to passivly monitor the health and routine of a user without invading privacy?
  • How can temperature, motion, sounds and life pattern be integrated to idenfiy abnormal or life critical events?
  • What are the current technology gaps with regards to accurate non-invasive fall detection?
  • In designing a whole system of multiple cameras/sensors for different rooms are wifi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth the most suitable for the use-case?
  • Are there limitations to learning algorithms without capturing sound and video to protect privacy?


    To be determined with the researcher

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    Expertise in reseach, learning algorithms, hardware, regulations on privacy and technology

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