PDF: Development of a Rapid Point of Care test for Food & Water Safety - ON-104

Preferred Disciplines: PDF
Company: Adept Diagnostics Inc
Project Length: 6 X 4 months (2 years)
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Applicants are invited to apply for a PDF at Western University (London, Ontario) to work under the supervision of Dr. Michael Rieder. This work  is part of a collaborative research project with Adept Diagnostics Inc. (London, Ontario)
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: NA

About the Company: 

Developer and marketer of medical diagnostic and food safety testing technology

Project Description:

The project involves the development of a rapid detection test kit that will enable food processors to measure the absence or presence of potentially harmful pathogenic organisms prior to shipment to the general trade. The kit will benefit the food processor to reduce microbial risk and potential cost from a recall, while the consumer will have safer foods. On the other hand, the industrial partner will possess this unique technology, which completes the entire process of safe foods production, that being pre-operative sanitation, in process food safety interventions and lastly the validation of food security through the test kit protocols.

Research Objectives:

  • Development of an antibody package and enrichment strategy
  • Development of a cassette-based assay kit
  • Assessment of the cassette-based assay kit with food samples


  • Isolation and selective cultivation of pathogenic bacteria
  • Validation of methodology against ‘gold stanard’ tests

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Isolation, culture and enrichment of bacteria
    • Optimization of selective bacterial enrichment media and protocol
    • Immunology, antibody-antigen interaction
    • Preparation of buffers and media
    • Bacteria plating and counting
    • Safety training for handling pathogenic bacteria

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