Quantum Information / Operations Research interns - BC-411

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Statistics (Masters or PhD)
Project length: 4-12 months (1-2 units)
Approx. start date: As soon as possible
Location: Vancouver, BC or Waterloo, ON
No. of Positions: 1+
Preferences: None
Company: 1QB Information Technologies

About Company:

1QBit is dedicated to solving the world’s most intractable challenges by recasting problems to harness the power of quantum computing. We identify intractable industry problems and apply breakthroughs in computation to machine intelligence and optimization science to build software that allows applications to continually benefit from advances in both quantum and classical hardware.

We believe that quantum technologies will form the next pillar of computational progress. We research, benchmark and build software development kits, online platforms, and applications that make the power of quantum computers accessible to researchers, developers and industry-leading organizations so they can solve their most difficult problems in fields such as optimization, simulation, and machine learning. 

As an interdisciplinary team of world-class mathematicians, physicists, operations research scientists, computer scientists, software developers, computational chemists, and quantum computing experts, we share a curiosity and drive to uncover new ways of solving currently intractable problems using advanced classical and quantum systems.   

Summary of Project:

1. Operation Research Scientist, Mobility and Logistics (Vancouver, BC)

As a member of our Mobility and Logistics Optimization team, your mission is to develop algorithms and tools for solving hard, real-world optimization problems. In collaboration with other researchers and software developers, you will utilize your background in combinatorial optimization, algorithms, and operations research to develop new algorithms for solving computationally difficult problems. This role presents the opportunity to design and implement new optimization algorithms for variants of the vehicle routing problem using both classical and newly-developed specialized optimization hardware. 

2. Quantum Information Scientist (Waterloo, ON)

As a member of our Applied Mathematics team, you will work in collaboration with other researchers and software developers and will utilize your background in quantum algorithms, computational complexity or quantum information science, and your experience in rapid prototyping and resource estimation to invent and analyze quantum algorithms. You will leverage the scale of 1QBit’s proprietary data, and software infrastructure in conjunction with commercial tools and exotic quantum hardware prototypes. This role could be a full time or a fixed term opportunity.

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

1. Operation Research Scientist, Mobility and Logistics

  • Investigate and analyze different optimization algorithms for solving real-world problems originating from industrial applications
  • Contribute to designing new algorithms or to improving the current algorithms in the 1QBit Software Development Kit
  • Build modular, extensible, well-commented, and tested prototypes and run benchmarking experiments to substantiate your algorithmic ideas through computational analysis
  • Communicate your findings by authoring technical documents and presentations
  • Participate in peer feedback through knowledge sharing and code reviews

2. Quantum Information Scientist

  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists and quantum information scientists
  • Collaborate with hardware partners at 1QBit
  • Investigate, design, implement and analyze different quantum algorithms and error correction schemes for them


    To be determined with the researcher

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    1. Operation Research Scientist, Mobility and Logistics

    • A master’s degree or PhD candidacy in operations research, optimization, applied mathematics, computer science or a related field
    • ​Strong familiarity with theories of optimization techniques such as linear programming, integer programming, dynamic programming, and heuristic techniques to utilize in developing new solution techniques
    • Applied knowledge of algorithm design, data structures, and complexity analysis
    • Previous experience with at least one programming language, such as Python or C/C++
    • Previous experience with optimization software (e.g., Gurobi, CPLEX)
    • Previous experience with data processing and computational benchmarking

    2. Quantum Information Scientist

    • A PhD or a PhD in progress in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics with a focus on quantum information and computation
    • Strong graduate level track record of research as demonstrated by your peer reviewed publications and presentations
    • Solid understanding of circuit-model quantum algorithms and the common techniques therein (e.g. quantum phase estimation, quantum amplitude amplification, quantum Fourier transformation, etc.)
    • Familiarity with:
      • Quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computation
      • Resource estimation and error analysis in quantum algorithms
      • Computational complexity, design and asymptotic analysis of algorithms
    • Experience with Unix/Linux and programming skills (e.g. Python and C/C++)
    • Familiarity with data science and machine learning algorithms and tools (deep learning, RBMs, probabilistic graphical models) is a plus


    • The ability to conduct research in an interdisciplinary environment, both independently and as part of a team
    • Self-motivation and the ability to take initiative and follow through reliably
    • A drive to proactively seek out opportunities to help move projects forward and contribute to their improvement
    • An openness to soliciting feedback to improve your performance and, in turn, continually providing input to team members to elevate team performance and contribute to 1QBit’s culture
    • An eagerness to learn about new trends, tools, and technologies with a drive to continually consider how this will influence our projects, including their implications and opportunities
    • A dedication to maintaining team unity and success through open communication
    • A commitment to challenge the status quo, take smart risks, and be open to possible failure
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills with both technical and non-technical team members
    • A philosophy of continuous improvement and a passion for knowledge sharing
    • Strong organizational skills, and the ability to manage tasks and meet deadlines

    For more info or to apply to this applied research position, please

    1. Check your eligibility and find more information about open projects.
    2. Interested students need to get the approval from their supervisor and send their CV along with a link to their supervisor’s university webpage by applying through the webform