Research and Development for Modeling the Perceived Value of Energy Consumers - NB-001

Preferred Disciplines: Electrical Engineering, MBA (Masters and post Docs)
Company: Siemen’s and NB Power
Project Length: 2 years
Desired start date: Early 2016
Location: Fredericton, NB
No. of Positions: 2 PDFs (2 years)/ 1 PhD (2 years)/ 7 Masters (8 month)
Preferences: N/A

About the Company: 

Siemen’s and NB Power

Project Description:

The Perceived Value of Energy Consumers Project is a novel area of study which should help to better understand the energy consumers and the perceived value they place on different services and products. By identifying, understanding potential new products and services the related business models can be developed. Various dependencies between product/service offerings and customer segment can be displayed, analyzed and measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the customer perceived values, such as customer satisfaction and customer retention. The increased understanding of the perceived value and the customer segments can result in new innovative and tailor-made products and service.

Research Objectives:

    The objectives of perceived value project are to develop innovative models based on the different market segments relevant to the industry partners’ short- to medium-term needs, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge into areas of commercialization.

    Phase 1 Objectives-Development of Segment- Scope the research model looking at the segmentation. The phase would set the groundwork to frame the project and the expectations. It is important that this is completed in close collaboration with Siemens Canada and NB Power.

    Phase II Objective- Modeling of Segment- Based on Phase I the KPIs will be developed for the different segments. The study would analyze the value different consumers put on products and services. The Perceived Value will be modeled and the current status of the industry will be mapped and developed. The close collaboration with Siemens Canada and NB Power will be vital.

    Phase III Objective Model Integration: Develop an integrative model by using the segmented models to understand the overall system.


    • To be discussed with the research team

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

      • Completed PhD/MSc in a relevant field (Innovation, Technology Management, and Entrepreneurship) within last two years is an asset.
      • Experience of working with industry.
      • Strong quantitative analytical and empirical skills.
      • Strong preference is given to those with an engineering background.

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