Science of learning – Aircrew training - ON-196

Preferred Disciplines: Education, Psychology (Masters or PhD)
Company: Anonymous
Project Length: 4-6 months (1 unit)
Desired start date: February/March 2019
Location: Ottawa, ON
No. of Positions: 2
Preferences: None

About the Company: 

We provide critical and complex support to strategically important assets, infrastructure and training programs primarily in the defence and security environments. We are one of the world’s leading providers of military flying training, are further expanding our operations, and are now building a team capable of pursuing emerging strategic opportunities.

Project Description:

The project is focused on finding the best learning methods for aircrew training in a military environment. Students build on prior knowledge which is critical during high pressure situations. With the advance in available technology, we are looking to find out what are the best methods to inculcate the foundation of aircrew training.

Throughout all the phases of aircrew training, there are varied requirements for the delivery of knowledge to students depending on what phases of training they have reached. We are faced with a generation of students that easily get bored, use social media and technology as part of their daily lives which is changing the way we ought to transfer knowledge to them.

Research Objectives:

  • Identify cognitive technics best applicable to teaching aircrew
  • Find the best methods of inculcating aircrew knowledge to students
    • Delivery of ground school, (aircraft operating instruction)
    • Methods of learning to fly
    • How to operate airborne sensors
    • Advance flying techniques
  • How to employ the correct technology to deliver aircrew training


  • To be discussed

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Science of learning. How young adult students (military pilots) learn best 
  • Psychology in pedagogy

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