Stereoscopy Imaging of Live Arc Welding - ON-080

Preferred Disciplines: PhD or Post Doc.  Engineering or Computer science, specialization in Machine visiont/Computer Vision/Image Processing.  Preferably doing research on Stereoscopy.
Company: Xiris Automation Inc.
Project Length: 4-6 months
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Burlington, Ontario
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Preferences: Toronto, York, Ryerson, Waterloo. English

About the Company: 

Xiris Automation Inc. has been in business for 27 years designing an developing machine vision systems for a broad range of industrial applications.  Over the years we have evolved our product mix and are now focused on solutions for the steel industry and metal fabrication.  Our business related to welding is based on a camera we have developed that is able to properly image welding.  Our goal is to use this innovative product as a base for a family of technology products suited for quality and process control in welding and additive manufacturing.

Project Description:

We have created a high dynamic range camera for the welding industry that can see a huge range of brightness, which means that it can see the weld arc without saturation as well as the immediate, darker background around the weld. Our cameras are starting to be used as monitoring tools by a number of companies who make welding equipment. However, to get wide spread acceptance of the technology, especially in new markets such as Additive Manufacturing, we need to develop a technique to measure the height and width of the molten liquid left behind the welding process (known as the “melt pool”) to provide measurements that can be fed back to their process for process and quality control. We therefore believe that a stereoscopy solution that would use two of our cameras, that can be calibrated in the field, to generate a 3d map of the melt pool would provide both am excellent visual image of the melt pool but also enough information to become a useful measurement tool that could be used in additive printing (or 3D printing) applications. Our goal is to develop the tehcnology and have it on the market within 12 months to beat our competition. 

Research Objectives:

The research will be focused on :

  • a stereoscopy solution using 2 cameras
  • a robust method to calibrate the solution in the field
  • proper rendering of the resulting map to create a useful image for the operators
  • measurement tools to characterize the melt pool based on the 3d profile


  • Set up and record video of welding processes in the field
  • Develop stereoscopy processing engine
  • Develop a calibration method that can be done once the cameras are in place in the field
  • Review rendering technologies in place in the market

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Machine vision/computer vision/image processing
    • Engineering background would be preferred
    • Experience with Stereoscopy would be an asset

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