Web Back end interface to acquire, store and deliver image/audio/video content for Augmented Reality - SK-005

Preferred Disciplines: Masters in Computer Sciences/ Software Engineering
Project length: 4 to 6 months
Approx. start date: August 01, 2017
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
No. of Positions: 4
Preferences: USask, UofR, UCalgary, UofA. Language: English 
Company: NA

About Company:

A technology start-up based out of Saskatoon. The company has been in operations since July 2016.

Summary of Project:

We are creating and collecting content. This content needs to be assigned a unique identifier based on its geo-location co-ordinates, interfaced with a back-end server, allowing for appending additional assets to the content and storing that content on the cloud. This content needs to be stored and delivered on demand upon command from any mobile device at that specific geo-location. Geo-Location filtering needs to be achieved using hardware goelocation devices running a software algorithm to provide location precision to the last 10/ 30 cms of the object.

Project 1. – Research and development of Hardware/software based geolocation filtering using precision coordinates

Project 2 – Research and development of front end object/content acquizition software and its interface with geo-location hardware/software and web-back end application stack.

Project 3 – Research and development of web-backend stack and application to interface with front-end application and cloud for content/ object acquisition, storage and delivery.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Research and Development of hardware/ software geo-location filtering using precision coordinates to identify positioning to within 10 to 30 cms of the object
  • Create Web backend interface to recognize geo-location filtering information and sort the content/ object based on that information
  • Create Web back-end capability to store content/ object along with associated assets to a cloud server and deliver content/ object with associated assets to any mobile device running the viewer
  • Create a web-backend interface between cloud and the front-end content acquizition application
  • Create a web-backend interface between cloud and the front-end content delivery application
  • Overlay of of the process flow including geo-location filtering information and precision coordinates to a Virtual platform using a VR library



    • Understand the first version of content/object – 2D image/3D image/Video/60 Video/VR Video
    • Understand relationship between hardware geo-location filtering device and content acquisition application
    • Define how to tag unique identifiers based on geo-location filtering and the acquired content
    • Identify the interface between acquired content and web-backend process to create a seamless transition into cloud storage while retaining all tags
    • Understand relationship between hardware geo-location filtering device and content delivery application
    • Understand relationship between hardware go-location filtering device and web-backend/ cloud interface to deliver content from cloud to mobile device
    • Understand the relationship with real geo-location and virtual reality location identification and overlay geo-location information on to Virtual location

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Project 1 – Masters in Computer Engineering with undergrad in Electrical Engineering or the otherway around. Could also be Electrical Engineering with Computer Sciences with skills in programming Rasberry Pies
    • Project 2 – Software Engineering/ Computer Science with skills in iOS and Android Front-end and backend with GIS. Skills in JSON, Objectivce C, C, SystemVerilog, C++, Java, JavaScript,
    • Project 3 – Software Engineering/ Computer Science with skills in Full Stack Web development. PHP, C# Golang, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, Content Management System. Google Maps API

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