A cost-effective material and fabrication process for high efficiency translucent solar blinds- BC-486

Desired discipline(s): Engineering - chemical / biological, Engineering, Engineering - computer / electrical, Engineering - other, Chemistry, Natural Sciences
Company: Solaires Entreprises Inc.
Project Length: Flexible
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Victoria, BC, Canada
No. of positions: 1
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About the company: 

Solaires Entreprises Inc. , dba Solar-Ventures (http://www.solar-ventures.com), is an energy efficient solar window covering manufacturing company with a headquarters in Victoria BC, Canada. Solar-Ventures has a team of scientists, researchers and advisors, experts in green energy technologies, specifically in solar energy and semiconductor materials. The founding team of Solar-Ventures has a long history of building commercially successful technology projects and companies in Canada with a proven history of developing and commercializing innovative technologies.  

Our mission at Solar-Ventures is to develop and market an innovative solar energy harvesting technology and help establish Canada as an innovation hub that will become a world-class center of excellence for research and development of solar cell technology. Solar-Ventures will also invest money into the innovation hub for training initiatives that will scale the advancement of industry-leading solar power solutions and stimulate Canada's economy in the long-term. Levering Solar-Ventures’ IP, team and research partners, our vision is to develop novel and cost-effective technology solutions that address specific and compelling market gaps in solar energy harvesting. Our goal is to help Canada achieve zero green house gas emission target by making solar cells and solar energy conversion technology more accessible and affordable in Canada.

Please describe the project.: 

Climate change has been a top concern of Canadians for the past several years. Canada is among 3 top global CO2 emitters per capita; it is time to decarbonize the economy and to prioritize green energy solutions. The primary motivation of this project is to develop and commercialize a viable solar energy harvesting system. The results of this project will not only help Canada to decarbonize its economy but also provide Canada with a competitive edge in the booming frontier of photovoltaic market.

Although silicon solar cells have successfully entered the market, they suffer from high cost of fabrication and installation that limit their widespread usage. Transparent and translucent solar cells, using thin film, dye synthesized, perovskite and luminescent solar collectors, can replace silicon panels. Perovskite with 25% energy conversion efficiency surpasses other materials. However, perovskite solar panels are not currently available in the market due to issues such as time-consuming fabrication process and low stability of perovskite films.

We have discovered a novel process and solution for increasing the efficiency of solar power conversion using perovskite films. We use a solution process technique for fabricating perovskite films with high stability. In this project we will scale up our technology for producing a new solar power harvesting solution using a low cost, roll-to-roll process. This unique solution enables both homeowners and tenants to easily install solar panels without altering the architecture of the building with short payback to investment

Required expertise/skills: 


  • PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering or relevant Applied Sciences
  • Experience in manufacturing and testing solar cells, preferentially in: perovskite, organic PV, dye-sensitized solar cells, quantum dot solar cells, luminescent solar collectors, and thin film solar cells.
  • Industrial work experience in solar cell manufacturing companies (preferred)
  • Design and optimization of nanostructured optical systems using computational simulation tools and analytical models (preferred)

Skills required:

  • Team player who enjoys working with different disciplines.
  • High level of independence on the job Effective oral and written communications skills, self-motivated
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to work effectively with cross-functional working groups, skill levels and expertise in a global environment
  • Maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity at all times.