8-bit circus - Reimaging live-art performances interaction online- QC-361

Desired discipline(s): Computer science, Mathematical Sciences
Company: 8-bit circus
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Language requirement: Flexible
Location(s): Montreal, QC, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: 1
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About the company: 

8-bit circus, is a new form of interactive circus shows. We are developing our first show, playable characters, which is a hybrid online video-gaming and live performance that will allow the performing arts industry to continue to thrive– despite the limitations on large, live audiences– and to capture the exponentially growing audience of the digital gaming world.

Please describe the project.: 

8-Bit Circus is a hybrid and highly interactive show that will allow online audiences and small, in-person audiences alike to play in a classic arcade-style game against a live circus performer in real-time.

Right now, nearly 100% of live-art in person shows have been cancelled or are operating at a deficit due to social distancing. We have seen adaptations take place outside and recordings online, and it's clear that most of 2021 has the same outlook. We’ve spoken to owners of circus companies that are yearning for a new way to share their art, and 8-Bit is developing that way.

We are creating technology that allows shows to operate profitably by combining interactive competitive games with live performances, attracting local audiences in person and global audiences online. People don’t want to just watch a show passively, they want to be part of something - cheer for their team, or engage with performers in a meaningful way. We will be harnessing motion-tracking, live streaming, and projection technologies in ways never before used in the realm of circus performance.

The main tasks of the candidate is to develop an 8-bit 2D style game, similar to paper boy, developed by Atari or like Temple Run that will be used to interact with performers and the audience. Performers will be wearing motion capture technology, by XSens (https://www.xsens.com/) and the game will need to respond to the x/y coordinates.

The candidate should be passionate and proficient in either Unity or Unreal Engine. Projects of the candidate that will be of interest will be any games that have currently been developed, and technology they are currently curious about.

Required expertise/skills: 

  • 2+ years knowledge of Unity3D or Unreal Engine
  • Knowledge of C#
  • Experience creating 2D games
  • Git version control
  • Working with APIs / services
  • Ability to solve problems independently and in team settings
  • Has experience working with JSON RESTful services / APIs
  • Experience working with animation
  • Has experience with Agile, Scrum a plus

Responsibilities Include:

  • Contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Development of games and features in Unity
  • Develop frameworks and libraries that can be used across different games
  • UI/UX design and implementation
  • Integrate with Xsens (https://www.xsens.com/)
  • Perform usability testing on interfaces and web applications
  • Follow industry best practices
  • Write clean, well-designed code
  • Create integration tests / regression suite
  • Work as part of an Agile DevOps team
  • Meet technical deadlines for current experimental project
  • Work from and contribute to the product roadmap