Aifina- BC-591

Desired discipline(s): Computer science, Mathematical Sciences, Finance, Mathematics
Company: Anonymous
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: 05/01/2021
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: 1 to 2
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About the company: 

We are a StartUp company providing decent and ready to go solution in chat, text, and video on multi-channel social media platforms, empowering the business to deliver best in class customer experiences, powering by AI technologies.

We help the business engage the customer  in real-time with “human like agent” high quality conversational software, connecting the customer on the preferred media platforms with secured environment, solving the real customer needs with enhanced customer experiences.

Our target customer segments are Canadian financial institutions including SME financial advisor, asset and wealth management companies, insurance companies, brokers, securities companies, banks and other financial institutions.

We believe there is a lot more to be done in future, building a new engine, a new user interface where interacting with computer is like talking to a professional team.

"To boldly go where no man has gone before." -- Captain James T. Kirk

Please describe the project.: 

Project AIFINA A Robo Financial Advisor (chatbot and email bot) on multi social media platforms that will boost the financial advisor productivity and providing better personalized self-service experiences (financial products, financial health checking, guide the customer complete the workflow of transaction) to their customer financial goal. By utilizing AI technology, AIFina will be able to self-moderate and improve conversation quality and provide personalized customer experiences by building customer profiles on financial goals, investment purpose and strategy. Dialogue model:

• Design the conversation flow for intentions and entities (what customer is thinking about when they are on the financial advisor’s channel; adapt the chatbot depending on the contents which might have different conversation flow) to understand customer Financial goal and the required data to be collected

• Smart UI and Smart suggestion buttons based on the machine learning on the context

• Sentiment Analyzer to assign sentiment scores to each conversation to appropriately react to happy, sad or frustrated customers Financial proposal

• Asset allocation: stock, bond, ETF, cash, mutual fund

• Portfolio risk and target return

• Tax saving strategies such as Return of Capital, TFSA, RRS

• A funnel to the online banking landing page to help customer to place their transaction Financial knowledge education

• FAQ - basic knowledge on investment products to help customer understand the instruments that they are investing

• Canada Tax benefit scheme Financial monitoring

• Portfolio performance

• Market news Generate Sales

• Analyze customer financial and demographic data to automatically generate potential new sales such as education fund planning

• Schedule customer regular financial health check

• Advertise list of products offer and promotion by bank and financial institution Security

• Ability to identify customer before providing services

• Fraud detection/monitoring

• Customer data retention and access permission Dashboard

• Metric to measure the customer engagement/drop out

• Customer conversation history

• Capture everything that the chatbot doesn’t understand

Required expertise/skills: 

Looking for Chatbot/AI Developer with development skills in Full Stack Development, Predictive Analytics, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Candidates will develop the applications, including full life cycle responsibilities from collaboration with stakeholders to defining business functions, develop predictive models and algorithms, applications & interface design, testing, documentation, implementation, and ongoing support.

Required Skills: • Proficiency in a modern coding language (e.g. Python, Javascript, or Java) • Understanding of front-end web development principles and technologies (HTML/CSS) • Development platform includes Python, R, Java, Dialogflow, AWS …etc. • Target implementation platform both mobile app and website includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Website (Webchat) …etc. Responsibilities: • Develop high-quality code while delivering high quality, innovative custom solutions with security features, participate in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle • Engage with customers to define requirements, propose, and deliver solutions • Act as AI and Chatbot Architect to assess the technical feasibility of proposed functional designs • Solve business problems with flexible and rapid change scopes