Digitalizing Documents Through Blockchain Technology - BC-625

Project type: Research
Desired discipline(s): Engineering - computer / electrical, Engineering, Computer science, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics
Company: Docusafe Systems Inc.
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: 08/26/2021
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Toronto, ON, Canada; Montréal, QC, Canada
No. of positions: 1
Desired education level: Master'sPhDPostdoctoral fellow
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About the company: 

DocuSafe Systems is a Canada-based start-up company that provides a reliable, secure, and convenient platform for processing and authenticating documents for the global community. The company spearheads the acquisition of a variety of official and legal documents – such as birth certificates, marriage certificate/licenses, Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), and security clearances – and have them delivered back to Canada in a timely and efficient fashion. The usual and current state of document processing and acquisition throughout the world is inefficient and manually-powered, which entails having someone in the particular country to physically process the documents on behalf of the those who are in need of them. This becomes difficult as issues of transparency, legimitiacy, and efficiency are often compromised during the process. DocuSafe Systems thereby provides a much needed platform for clients to rest assured that their document needs and requirementrs are provided with utmost security, legitimacy, and efficiency.

Describe the project.: 

This research project aims to comprehend the dynamics of blockchain technology in order to potentially tap it to expedite and enhance the manner of document processing, which will inevitably lead to a more efficient, pragmatic, and easy-to-use system. The project will require creating a thorough literature review on the subject along with a structured proof of concept, which may require user interviews and focus group discussions.

Required expertise/skills: 

A graduate or concurrent student in Information Technology. The applicant must possess a keen interest and understanding of blockchain technology in order to maximize the research project. Furthermore, the applicant must be able to work independently and efficiently in a fast-paced environment.