Improving mental health for youth and adults - QC-459

Project type: Research
Desired discipline(s): Engineering - computer / electrical, Engineering, Computer science, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics / Actuarial sciences, Business, Social Sciences & Humanities, Education, Languages and linguistics, Psychology, Social work
Company: SCYiBL Solutions
Project Length: Longer than 1 year
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Language requirement: Bilingual
Location(s): montreal, QC, Canada
No. of positions: 6
Desired education level: Master'sPhDPostdoctoral fellow
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About the company: 

SCYiBL is an emotional regulating software used to confront and tackle stressful situations. Users are able to train their brain to shift from positive to negative mode in order for them to focus and perform with less distractions while they are rewiring their brain. Our goal is to bring users closer to the way their behaviour patterns work so they learn to control their actions and reactions by recognizing triggers that stimulate negative energy.

Describe the project.: 

SCYiBL-Strategically Customize Your inner Brain Levels
SCYiBL combines positive psychology with neuroscientific design to help individuals work through negative experiences in a way that builds confidence and resilience. The process/app guides users to rewire their own brain using an innovative, scientifically-proven process that harnesses brain plasticity to help individuals overcome negative life events and thrive.
Our next phase is to automate the coding of the analysis process in order for the results to be given to the users immediately. This will allow them to have, at their fingertips, the ability to rewire their brains when facing any crisis.
We require several candidates. The tasks that need to be filled are- coding, software developer, AI, neuroscience and brand/marketing.
We have built our own methodology so the candidate will be trained by us and then apply the knowledge onto the technology.

Required expertise/skills: 

We want to make sure that the APP that we are developing is the easiest to navigate, fastest to respond without lagging as well as making the design dynamic since we are working with youth.

Required expertise/skills:

  • Masters/PhD/Postdoctoral
  • Computer science
  • Building algorithm
  • AI experience
  • Background in writing, storytelling, psychology, psychiatry, special needs, marketing, brand awareness, social media