Identity Guardian Platform Development- BC-628

Project type: Research
Desired discipline(s): Computer science, Mathematical Sciences
Company: Forensic Guardians International Consulting Inc.
Project Length: 6 months to 1 year
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: 2
Desired education level: Master'sPhDPostdoctoral fellow
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About the company: 

Forensic Guardians International (FGI) helps organizations and individuals take steps to proactively establish and verify identify in situations with high risk of injury, kidnapping or death.  We also help with fatality response. We do this through technology solutions, consulting and advisory services, plus the design and supply of products that support dignified management of human remains.

Describe the project.: 

FGI is developing a technology solution for the identity verification space called "Identity Guardian". The solution will pro-actively collect and store biometric identity information, to a forensic standard, in a safe repository. The benefit is the ability, at a later date, to scientifically compare data between unknown individuals and stored samples to determine if there is a match. The Identity Guardian system aims to collect digital biometrics as well as incorporate hard copies of genetic samples. 

The goal of the MITACS project is to continue the development of the beta web app; specifically, to collect data from a group of pilots, store it in a safe repository and use the process to:  

- ensure efficiency in data collection, 
- ensure standardized data collection across clients using appropriate methodologies, 
- develop algorithms that will facilitate sample comparisons from within and outside the system; and
- identify the best way to ensure secure storage of all information.

The candidate, FGI, will be the project’s technical lead. We expect improvements in the standardization of data collection particularly in relation to the capture of biometric details. With the launch of the beta-testing, the candidate will incorporate feedback from the testing into the system. 

Required expertise/skills: 

The candidate should be at a Master’s level or higher. Knowledge of the following areas is ideal but not essential:

  • Data security
  • Biometric data collection and storage
  • Quantitative assessment of biometric information
  • User experience 

The ideal candidate will be excited by the prospect of exploring innovative ways to collect data from clients in a user-friendly, but highly secure environment. The candidate should also be ready to incorporate user feedback from testing to enhance the system and the user experience.  The candidate should be ready to work as part of a team but also be successful working independently. Time management skills and the ability to work to deadlines are essential.

The position could be split with one researcher working on the biometric capture aspect and another who is extremely experienced with data security, potentially working with Blockchain technology.