Full Stack Development for Conversational Qualitative Research Platform - ON-540

Project type: Research
Desired discipline(s): Computer science, Mathematical Sciences, Interactive arts and technology, Social Sciences & Humanities, Languages and linguistics
Company: Nexxt Intelligence Inc.
Project Length: 6 months to 1 year
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Toronto, ON, Canada
No. of positions: 3
Desired education level: Master's
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About the company: 

Nexxt Intelligence is a B2B SaaS business in the market research industry, serving enterprises in the financial services industry and elsewhere who are looking to accelerate and deepen their understanding of consumer behavior. We take deep pride in providing our clients with unique insights through custom research, and our platform inca is built from the ground up to transform market research. 

Describe the project.: 

Digital qualitative research involves deeply nuanced and semi-structured data, ranging from in-depth video interviews to text-based group dialogues, to complex questionnaire structures with quantitative outputs. Amidst all this data, qualitative researchers are tasked with understanding human behavior.

Nexxt Intelligence is extending their existing market research platform with several far-reaching and innovative features, with the goal of offering ultimate solutions for qualitative researchers. Hence, this project is calling for enhancing features and we require R&D in the following areas:

  • building interactive and dynamic web components for facilitating the elicitation of consumer opinions and behaviors
  • researching and designing flexible discourse representation structures and interfaces to allow for immersive conversational experiences
  • engineering robust data pipelines and scalable solutions for data collection, processing, and visualization
  • developing systems for orchestrating real-time group discussion interfaces emulating real-life focus groups, with automated audio transcription
  • extending various capabilities of existing platform components

The candidates would work closely with the product and development teams to research, experiment, implement, and productionize solutions to these challenges. Candidates will work primarily in a MERN stack, but also incorporating various other technologies such as SQL, Redis, SQS, and finite state machines.

Required expertise/skills: 

Nexxt Intelligence is looking for candidates with several web development projects under their belt, and demonstrable experience in modern web technologies. Aside from that, here are some of the skills and experience that will make you stand out, but you are not expected to have all of them:

  • Experience with cloud computing (AWS/GCP/Azure)
  • Professional experience developing MERN (or similar) applications[3] 
  • Proficiency with Docker and other development tools
  • Real-world experience building data pipelines
  • Background in the market and/or qualitative research
  • Team management and/or project management experience