Develop fintech mobile app with superior end-client engagement useability - ON-542

Project type: Non-research
Desired discipline(s): Engineering - computer / electrical, Engineering, Computer science, Mathematical Sciences
Company: Wealthstack Solutions Inc.
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: 01/03/2022
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Oakville, ON, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: 2
Desired education level: CollegeUndergraduate/BachelorMaster's
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About the company: 

Wealthstack is a homegrown fintech company with global aspirations. Our clients (who are individuals, couples, or families) use our platform to create their personal financial planning dashboard. Because 40% of Gen-Xers and 50% of Millennials don’t want to speak to a financial advisor (in the beginning at least), we allow our clients to build their dashboards without a financial advisor and they can implement products without a financial advisor if they so choose so. The dashboard brings clarity to our clients as to the financial goals they have, the financial products they should have, and what they need to do to reach their financial goals. These goals include wealth protection (i.e. life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance), wealth creation (investment goals like retirement, education, home deposit goals), and wealth preservation (wills and power of attorneys and charitable giving). Our algorithm engine recommends solutions to our clients on how best to spend their monthly savings.

Describe the project.: 

We have launched our first Beta version product in the market. The next phase of development is to implement the following:

  • The recommendation engine to our clients
  • Replace the Off-the-shelve take on process with our own workflow
  • Enhance the web portal with an engaging ReactJS SPA (single page app)
  • Augment the web portal with a mobile app in Flutter

The development will occur alongside our Head of UX and CTO to ensure the correct level of client engagement with our clients. We will continuously test our hypotheses as we spec out, develop and test with our clients to ensure our clients buy financial products through Wealthstack.

The main challenge with this project is to define the methodology to increase the number of potential clients and then be able to convert these potential clients into paying customers that will be happy to refer other clients to Wealthstack. This methodology will be tested in the development process.

We are looking to expand our client engagement functionality by building out our current web portal to a fully functioned mobile app (in Flutter) and web app (in ReactJS)

Methodology/techniques that will be used:

Lean startup, quick innovation, and loopback procedures.

Required expertise/skills: 

Full-stack developers with skills in a combination of Java-script, ReactJS, Python, Django, Flutter.

We are looking for quality candidates that are keen to solve problems