Financial Services Machine Learning Hub - ON-618

Project type: Innovation
Desired discipline(s): Engineering - computer / electrical, Engineering
Company: BankingBook Analytics Inc
Project Length: Longer than 1 year
Preferred start date: 03/01/2022
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Toronto, ON, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: 5
Desired education level: Master'sPhDPostdoctoral fellow
Open to applicants registered at an institution outside of Canada: No

About the company: 

BankingBook Analytics (BBA) combines the latest technology with our deep industry, functional, and analytics expertise to help financial services businesses capture the most value from their data. We take business intelligence and data analytics, to tell a story. We transform data into digestible strategic information, measurements, and insights for any audience and stakeholder, applying our AI-powered analytics tools to data.

Describe the project.: 

BBA empowers financial services stakeholders with quality, accurate and reliable financial and risk management data solutions and insights. To this end, we developed an analytics platform comprising the following enterprise applications:

Scenario Frontier: Uses macroeconomic scenarios to stress test and forecast the capital requirements attributed to credit portfolios

ECAP Leader: Based on key risks that the financial institutions face, such as credit, operational, and business risks, determines capital requirements using a confidence interval mapped to desired risk rating

ALM Focus: Determines interest rate risk capital requirement using static and dynamic approaches, liquidity requirements, and internal funds transfer pricing

NFR Dimension: NFR Dimension is a qualitative engine for non-financial risk management, covering enterprise and model risk. For the enterprise risk, it uses a scenario-based approach and for the model risk it applies an advanced quantitative algorithm to test the predictive power, stability, and accuracy of credit models

Profitability KPI: Profitability KPI determines a credit portfolio’s performance on a portfolio-wide and transactional basis. There are two objectives of this project: 1. Immediate: Working closely with the design and development team, further refining the back-end, front-end, and data integration capabilities of the enterprise applications. 2. On-going: a. Develop open APIs for data integration in compliance with Open Banking and cloud-enabled core banking systems b. Version enhancement: Develop and introduce AI-powered workflows.

Key tasks to be performed: You will refine and update the enterprise-wide web applications, both back & front-end, and help deploy on our cloud platform. Key functionalities of such applications include data ingestion, workflow design, data processing based on advanced statistical models, reporting dashboard, visualization, including graphics, etc.

Required expertise/skills: 

For the back-end, we use Python, JS, FLASK · For DB: SQL and MongoDB

For the front end, Angular, Veu, or Ract JavaScript runtime platforms like Node.js

Hosting and distribution: Experience understanding of cloud services such as those offered through AWS (e.g. EC2, S3, Redshift, RDS, Lambda, SNS, etc.) Experience with Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, NLTK, TensorFlow is a plus

BBA is looking for 2 positions for front-end development and 2 positions for back-end development and/or database analysis. BBA is also looking for 1 product/project manager at the master's level or a Ph.D. would be ideal. The ideal candidate should have some related work experience and be willing to supervise a team.