Behavioral Biometrics Market Research - BC-720

Project type: Innovation
Desired discipline(s): Computer science, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Social Sciences & Humanities
Company: Mastercard (NuData Security)
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: 05/02/2022
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Toronto, ON, Canada
No. of positions: 1
Desired education level: CollegeUndergraduate/BachelorMaster'sPhDPostdoctoral fellowRecent graduate
Open to applicants registered at an institution outside of Canada: No

About the company: 

Mastercard’s Cyber and Intelligence Solutions organization develops and delivers world-class security products and services for customers across the globe. NuData Security predicts fraudulent transactions by identifying good users from bad, based on their online behavior. By analyzing over 38 billion behaviors annually, NuData harnesses the power of device intelligence, behavioral, and biometric analysis to empower its clients to predict fraud and verify the user behind the device. This allows clients to predict fraud before a critical decision, reduce customer insult, and investigate bad actors efficiently.

Describe the project.: 

This project is a global study of behavioral biometrics (not physiological biometrics).

The main goals are:

  • Understanding the market landscape by region, user adoption, and types (Device-based [keystroke, device motion], cursor movements [mouse, clicks, path, touch, swipe], gait, voice, others..)
  • Determining what pain points are customers looking to solve by customer type: merchants, banks, and government
  • Gaining perspective from end users on their trust and security with biometric authentication (compared to username/password and other authentication methods)
  • Understanding current and emerging markets that have biometric authentication regulated

The research will be conducted primarily online and through telephone interviews and the expected output is a report that highlights the key areas of interest from the voice of the customer, the end-user, and the market trends.

Required expertise/skills: 

Prior understanding of behavioral biometrics would be great.