Generative Design in Architecture - BC-463

Desired discipline(s): Architecture and design, Social Sciences & Humanities, Design, Urban studies
Company: Perkins&Will Architects
Project Length: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: 03/01/2020
Language requirement: English
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Canada
No. of positions: One
Preferred institutions: British Columbia Institute of Technology, McGill University, Simon Fraser University, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Toronto, University of Victoria

About the company: 

Perkins&Will is a leading global full service architectural firm. We have 30 offices mostly located in North America and 3000 staff most of whom are architects. We are the fourth largest firm globally by size and the second largest in the United States by revenue. We are active in the areas of Commercial Residential buildings, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Healthcare, Science & Technology, as well as Sports & Recreation. Sustainable Design is one of our core values and we have the highest number of LEED Certified professionals of any major architectural firm. We are a research driven practice with formal research emphasis in the areas of Design Process, Energy, Materials, Mobility, Human Experience, Building Technology and Material Performance.

For more information, please visit our website:

Please describe the project.: 

We are seeking to develop generative design solutions for architecture at three scales:

- space planning within buildings

- master planning of several buildings on site

- urban design at the city block scale

Ideally the solutions should be developed in Python for Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. The solutions will enable designers to generate multiple design alternatives based on the input of design parameters, parameter ranges and design constraints. Analysis will be performed on the design alternatives to provide rational criteria for optimization and selection.

Suitable reporting and designer interaction interfaces will also be required.

Required expertise/skills: 

We are seeking an intern with the folllowing expertise:

Programming skills in Python. C# will also be considered.

Knowledge of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

Architectural or Urban Design background preferred.

Experience with Object Oriented Programming preferred.