As a Mitacs intern or fellow, we expect that you act in a professional and ethical manner during your participation in Mitacs programs. Your conduct should make the host organization and academic institutions want to participate in Mitacs programs.


As a Mitacs intern or fellow, we ask that you: 

  • Follow through on any pre-existing commitments outlined in the Mitacs project to the best of your ability
  • Are on time to work and will dress appropriately for the work setting; virtually and in person
  • Welcome constructive professional criticism and continually strive to improve your performance
  • Adhere to relevant procedures of your academic institution and/or host organization
  • Share your concern with your academic supervisor and host organization if you are experiencing ongoing issues with your project despite initial attempts to find a solution, and notify Mitacs of the conversation and any corrective measures in a timely manner
  • Follow the confidentiality and privacy rules, procedures, and regulations of your academic institutions and/or host organization
  • Meet all necessary travel requirements for your intended destination (if applicable)
  • Do not tolerate any behaviour that undermines the dignity, self-esteem, and productivity of any fellow Mitacs interns, staff, facilitators, or any affiliated members. If such occurrence arises, you must speak out and report any behaviour to your academic institution in accordance with its policies, and the Mitacs team responsible for your program.
  • Strive to recognize and avoid biases and give fair treatment to all participants, Mitacs and academic institution representatives, host organization, and academic supervisors, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other protected ground established by the applicable Canadian human rights legislation 
  • Behave in a respectful and civil manner through your gestures, words, and relations with others throughout your program participation and avoid any form of harassment, discrimination or incivility


As a Mitacs intern or fellow, you acknowledge that you have read the terms outlined in this document and will act in a professional and ethical manner during your participation in Mitacs programs. You will notify Mitacs of any concerns regarding your safety, ability to complete the project as planned, and perceived or real negative treatment from others.