Advancing Tele-Rheumatology Platform

This project is the extension project of the previous Tele-rheumatology project. In the previous project, we have designed and developed three components: hardware platform, which is the capturing device for rheumatoid arthritis patience movements by using both 2D and 3D cameras; the capture system, which is used by general practitioners to control the hardware platform; and the physician portal, which provides all the captured information from patience to rheumatologists for diagnose purpose.

An Optimized Tele-Rheumatology Platform for Clinical Settings

Current rheumatology wait-times have been noted as reaching as high as two years for an initial assessment in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) [1]. Significant wait-times can delay diagnosis and treatment for a variety of rheumatologic conditions and highlights some of the challenges associated with a publicly funded healthcare system. Furthermore, the higher prevalence of arthritis/rheumatism in rural areas frequently necessitates patients to travel significant distances at great personal and system expense [1].