Self-Powered, maintenance-free wireless sensor network with location tracking and health monitoring sensor interface

Monitoring of remotely deployed installations is an expensive and challenging task involving potential risk for unsupervised personnel working in inaccessible locations. To this end, Adigy Canada Inc. is developing an innovative wireless network that is characterized by completely maintenance-free operation, provision of interface for health monitoring wireless wearable sensors, localization of subjects, and an intrusion sensor interface.

A Wireless Wearable Multi-parameter Physiology Multi-sensor System

Miniaturization and microintegration is well known for their potentials in providing microsystems and sensors with unmatched performance, reliability, and lower costs. Current technologies in implementation of microsensors, however, span a large variety of platforms. It is thus common for microsensors measuring differing parameters to exist on different combinations of substrates, not to even mention the associated signal conditioning, processing, and data communication electronics.

Optimization of Hybrid Energy Harvesting System

Wearable health monitoring devices are identified as a viable option for preventing dangerous health problems and surveillance of after-incident patients. But given the high computing needs of such battery-powered systems, a trade-off must be made between miniaturization and device lifetime. On the other hand, the human bearer is a significant source of power, both in the form of heat and movement, which can be a natural power source for wearable health monitoring devices.