Investigation of a Helical Pile Reinforced Railway Embankment over Soft Soils

To provide an economic solution to Canada’s ageing rail infrastructure, this project will investigate the use of helical piles in reinforcing railway embankments. This research will consist of the in-field monitoring of both test piles and a helical pile reinforced embankment. Prior to the embankment field investigation, test piles will be analyzed to provide a more accurate prediction of strength and failure mode for foundations using helical piles.

Seismic performance of helical pile groups and their cost efficiency as alternative to driven piles

A new seismic hazard model of Canada will be incorporated in the NBCC2020, which will increase the seismic hazard by 50-100%. Meanwhile, helical piles are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional driven piles because of their fast installation, lower cost and lower labour risk. They are suitable for retrofitting existing deficient foundations because they require smaller installation equipment that cause minimal vibration and noise during installation.