Real time prediction of a wind farm power output

Presently, wind farms in Canada have a capacity of 4,588MW while Newfoundland and Labrador have a capacity of 54MW. Canada’s wind resource is immense and well distributed in rural areas throughout the country and more wind farms are under construction. Utilities need information about wind farm output power few hours in advance so that they can plan operation of their thermal units. Therefore, prediction of wind farm output power production is essential for system operation.

Application of an Age Structured Model to the Northumberland Strait

AMEC Earth & Environmental is a company that provides assessments and potential solutions for environmental issues. The intern will assist AMEC by creating mathematical models for several environmental projects including the Northumberland Strait ecosystem. A mathematical model will provide AMEC with a tool for assessment of proposed indicators of ecosystem health and forecasting that can be adapted to future environmental projects. Her work is expected to provide direct and immediate benefit to AMEC through improvements to statistical models and computational methods.