Development of a polishing treatment process (PTP) for anaerobic digester centrate

The production of biogas via the anaerobic digestion of organic waste is a growing industry in Canada. One benefit of this approach is that the resultant organic waste (digestate) can be dewatered and used as fertilizer; however, the removed water fraction remains rich in organic compounds and must be adequately treated before being discharged from the plant, which can be quite costly.

Anaerobic co-digestion of organic and cellulosic wastes for increased biogas production

The goal of this research project is to study and develop optimal strategies for operating anaerobic co-digestion processes involving organic waste with cellulosic substrate derived from paper wastes. The effects of enzymatic treatment to boost degradation of the paper wastes in anaerobic conditions will also be evaluated. Furthermore, best approaches for transitioning feedstock compositions, such as from lower to higher paper content and vice versa, will be investigated.