Quantum Algorithms for the Prediction of Two- and Three-Dimensional Biomolecular Structures

The arrival of larger quantum computers could be beneficial to numerous fields, including drug discovery. Three quantum algorithms, which could one day help discover new life-saving drugs, will be investigated in this research project. The first algorithm will reduce the computational load placed on quantum computers when estimating the electronic energy of molecules. As for the other two algorithms, they will be used to make protein folding and RNA folding predictions. Conducting this research project will benefit Anyon Systems Inc.

Design and fabrication of transmon qubits

Despite the monumental advances made in classical computing technology over the past decades, computationally expensive tasks are still presenting daunting challenges to researchers and industry. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize many facets of information technologies by pushing the frontiers in various fields ranging from machine learning to cryptography. This research project aims at designing and fabricating the fundamental building block of a quantum computer, a qubit, using industry standard nano-fabrication techniques.