Sensors data transmission with the Internet of Things (IoT) for water purification systems in indigenous communities

The major contributing factor to waterborne outbreaks in Canada in small drinking water systems is the operators’ lack of technical expertise. Training of small system operators do not cover hands-on training specific to the treatment technologies used in their plants. A simplified smartphone app with real-time monitoring can assist the operators with the decision making process. Aqua Intelligent Technology Inc. is providing this smart solution for small water treatment systems. The vital step in this technology is receiving real-time data from the sensors in such facilities.

Develop data analysis software for improving operation management in making drinking water for small and rural communities

The project is to develop a middleware system for improving drinking water management system. The middleware integrates multiple data sources in addition to the real-time network data, including information of weather from satellite/ radar and water quality of surface water from remote sensing and then analyze them. It's smart algorithms will predict and prioritizes events depending on the severity of the problem.