E-Journalism and Social Media for the Arctic Research Foundation (ARF)

This research project proposes to identify and develop successful ways of engaging Arctic voices and community with the Arctic Research Foundation’s (ARF) digital communications platforms. The platforms will promote community understanding of ARF’s mission and may inform the Foundation of potential sites of intervention and innovation. The intern will cultivate community relations while seeking new and interactive strategies of story-sharing that draw attention to the diverse life of the Arctic. The intern will also improve and expand the growth of a non-Northern audience.

Designing a Great Slave Lake Fishery by Northerners for Resilient Futures in the NWT

The Great Slave Lake Fishery can enhance food security and food sovereignty for northern residents of the Northwest Territories as indicated in many Government of Northwest Territories strategic plans. The Arctic Research Foundation will work with a Post Doctoral Fellow based at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, to engage northern residents and governments of Northwest Territories in the project.

Arctic Research Foundation UX/UI searchable database

The Arctic Research Foundation (ARF) is a private, non-profit organization creating a scientific infrastructure for the Canadian Arctic. Over the years, it has generated and collected a huge volume of big data. These valuable big data need to be managed. In response, we design an effective database to (a) integrate these big data (which may be of a wide variety of data types, formats, etc.) from different sources, (b) manage them, (c) catalogue the data, (d) extract useful information from the data, and (e) make the data accessible to researchers and public.