Module for characterizing the patient response to pain

As chronic pain affects a large portion of the population, caregivers cannot locate the optimum pain site, there is a demand for the development of a pain scanner device to provide accurate information regarding the areas of pain. During this internship, a Patient Response Module (PRM) used by the patient to provide information about the pain felt with the application of different amount of pressure on unhealthy inflammatory soft tissue.

Development of an Intelligent Pain Detection Instrument for Medical Diagnostic Applications

The project consists of research into a technology that overcomes the shortcomings and deficiencies of the existing pain detection device. This approach modifies and improves pain detecting instruments by adding more intelligence and advanced designing techniques to the existing instrument. The existing design has too much wear & tear of the probe sensor, so our aim of the project is to overcome it by providing a disposable and replaceable probe. For this various moldings techniques, flexible circuit technology would be experimented and researched.