Grassland butterfly conservation and headstarting program

Grasslands are one of the most endangered habitat in North America. In Manitoba, over 90% has been lost in the last 100 years and with it a suite of prairie adapted species. The Poweshiek skipperling is one such species which in recent years has plummeted in abundance for unknown reasons. Less than 500 individuals remain in the wild and the grasslands of southeastern Manitoba represent one of the speciesÂ’ last strongholds.

Novel applications of technology to Arctic wildlife research and management

The Arctic can be a challenging place to conduct wildlife research and thus a difficult place for scientists and wildlife managers operate. However, technological advances are constantly being made that could have applications in the north. These new technologies, improvements in existing technology, or novel applications have the potential to make Arctic research less expensive, safer for researchers, animals and the environment, and improve data quality or coverage. With any new process that involves wildlife there is a need for extensive validation.