Translating behavioural science into effective hiring practices

While companies are looking to hire the most qualified candidate to fill their positions, they often have a difficult time identifying the right candidate for the job using traditional hiring practices. However, one major barrier is that companies may over-rely on traditional hiring methods such as interviews that may not be the best way to select the most qualified candidates. This is because employers may overly-rely on their experience and intuition, even though they are often led astray.

Eye to brain to choice: Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying consumer behaviour

Project Objectives

• The primary objective of this project is to construct and validate an interactive eye-tracking system that can be  deployed at kiosk based automated consumer interfaces. This system will gather real-time idiosyncratic information about attention and current mental state, and use this to target messages to the consumer.

• Secondly, we will use a combination of eye tracking and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods to develop eyegaze behavior algorithms that can be used as an index of true preference in consumers