Structural Integrity Assessments for Strain-Based Design of Pipelines

Structural integrity assessments play a key role in ensuring the safe service of oil/gas pipelines. In recent years, significant developments in pipeline strain-based design have taken place to account for the large plasticity involved in the installation and operation of pipelines. However, current methodologies cannot properly address the effects of anisotropic material properties and weldments on the behaviours of defects in pipelines. It is proposed here to develop fracture mechanics methodologies that quantify these effects. Both global and local approaches will be used in the study.

Pipeline Strain Based Assessment of Geotechnical Hazards

This project will characterize the ability of vintage (1930 - 1970’s) pipeline materials to support large deformations and develop numerical simulation tools capable of predicting the onset of failure. Of particular interest to this project is the analysis of geotechnical hazards including the ground movements that could impact pipelines including landslides and subsidence events.