Micro Transit Demand Management (microTDM) with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Many typical transit operating costs are lumpy and expensive; the addition of an extra bus on a route at rush hour can cost up to a million dollars over the course of the year. At the same time, an extra bus is sometimes added to satisfy demand for a relatively small number of transit users. This project seeks to understand how micro transit demand management (microTDM) can change the behavior of a small number of transit users to obviate the need for costly, additional buses. To get there, we’ll use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to ask who to incentives, when and with what?

Artificial Intelligence in Mass Transit

Transportation systems are evolving towards intelligent transportation systems and ISR Transit is a leading provider of these systems providing solutions in fleet management. In these systems, one of the enabling technologies is wireless sensor networks in which sensors are used to obtain information about the fleets. For example, sensors are deployed on motor, brake modules, doors, emergency buttons and passenger stop request.