Evidence based delivery of effective packages of health services in humanitarian, fragile and conflict affected settings

Maternal, and childhood mortality and morbidity rates continue to rise in conflict affected areas. The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is collaborating with the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to implement Advanced Health Partnership (AHP) framework to provide health care to populations directly in war zones and conflict settings, without access to healthcare as a result of conflict.

Valuing Youth Voice after Disaster: Recovery & Resilience in Wood Buffalo

In the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, a lot can be learned from young people who experienced the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire disaster. Knowing and hearing their concerns will be critical for shaping how they and their communities recover and build a more resilient future. This means ensuring that youth have support to explore and implement creative solutions to complex, post-disaster challenges.

Valuing Youth Voices after Disaster: Recovery & Resilience in Fort McMurray

When disasters strike, young people are often portrayed as victims with little to contribute to their recovery. This can lead to the absence of critical youth concerns in key decision-making processes despite growing evidence that strengthened community engagement and voice generates social, economic, and environmental benefits in short and long term recovery. The proposed research focuses on participatory media as a pathway for engaging disaster-affected youth and communities.

Walking the Prevention Circle Evaluation

The health of Aboriginal children and youth has been identified as a critical issue in Canada. Walking the Prevention Circle (WTPC) is a violence prevention program specifically designed to support Aboriginal communities in promoting healthy relationships and healthy development for their children and youth. WTPC is a capacity building model for communities to train their own prevention educators, developed and delivered by Red Cross Aboriginal Coordinators in close collaboration with Aboriginal communities.