Sales Micro-Patterns: ML-driven detection of deviant Store/SKU sales patterns

For almost a century, Canadian Tire has been offering products and services to help Canadians with the jobs and joys of life in Canada. Today, with a network of over 1,700 retail locations, Canadian Tire is dedicated to improving products and services offered to the community they serve. With this project, the company aims to examine the patterns of sales among its stores to identify anomalous product sales patterns. The objective is to design and develop a system capable of generating high-confidence automated notification to the stores.

Ozone Disinfection of Commercial Goods at Global Scale

This project investigates the possible use of the oxygen coproduct from electrolytic hydrogen production, as a feed to produce ozone for disinfection purposes. The shift to a hydrogen economy will see a significant increase in the amount of oxygen produced, and currently, this oxygen has no use. It is possible to capture the oxygen, and to convert oxygen to ozone. The technological challenge is to determine the limits for safe operation of the ozone disinfection processes. This project will scope the this concept with the proposed application of sterilization in a distribution warehouse.

Cognitive and Computationally Intelligent Algorithms for the Detection of Cyber Threats

The rapid and widespread advancement of cyber-threats within the past few years has had a profound impact on virtually everyone, from ordinary people to governments to local organizations. This has caused cyber-security to be considered a global challenge, which is now requiring innovative solutions, such as incorporating human cognition based methods into the software algorithms to detect malicious activities of adversaries.

Autonomous, Adaptive, and Real-time Cognitive Intrusion Detection System for the Cloud

Currently, cloud and Internet service providers typically use antivirus, firewall, packet inspection and intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to protect against cyber-security threats on the cloud and internet. These protection systems rely on the knowledge of a fixed and known database of threats to detect malicious activity, but they have no ability to detect new, mutated, threats dynamically. Once an undetected cyber-attack has caused damage and has subsequently been identified by technicians or third party sources, only then can these systems be updated by going offline.

Network Design with Optimal Cut-Off Time

In this project we proposed to use mathematical programming approaches to an optimization problem where a depot has to stop receiving orders from stores and fulfill the received orders using trucks. The depot can use different cut-off times to different stores and considering order arriving patterns and transportation efficiency. We will develop heuristic and exact algorithms to the optimization problem with an objective of maximizing the sum of orders processed in a day. The optimization is subject to varous contraints such as transportation capacity and delivery time window.