Investigating Renewable Hydrogen Pathways for Low-Carbon Synthetic Fuels: Advanced Solar-to-Hydrogen Platforms

Pathways for low-carbon synthetic fuels are reliant upon large-scale, low-cost, low-carbon and renewable hydrogen supply, which are presently not delivered by existing supply chains. The Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC) at UBC proposes a new research program that will directly address this problem.

Analysis and optimization of the air contactor for a new direct air capture technology

Carbon Engineering (CE) is currently building a demonstration plant to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere to combat climate change using a technique called direct air capture (DAC). This project will focus on determining the effectiveness of this plant at pulling carbon out of the atmosphere under various operating conditions, while also looking at contamination build up in certain parts of the plant.

Analysis and Optimization of a New Direct Air Capture Technology

Carbon Engineering (CE) is developing a technology to absorb CO2 through Direct Air Capture (DAC) as a means to reduce GHG’s and combat climate change. CE is building a demonstration plant and plans to build a first commercial plant, which will sell CO2 for use in the production of low carbon fuels. This project aims to evaluate the integration of individual process components via analysis and
interpretation of the data obtained from the DAC demonstration plant.