Cebas Subsurface Scattering Shaders

This project seeks to develop GPU based versions of CPU implemented Subsurface scattering shaders. Rendering in video games and movies require increasingly complex simulation of skin and other effects from translucent materials As a visual effects solution provider, Cebus Visual Technology is very interested in implementing their shaders on the GPU to increase the computational throughput. Such an experience would be beneficial for an internal student.

Cebas Fluid Solver

This project seeks to develop a fluid solver that is capable of simulating the interaction between low viscosity fluids and solid objects, such as pouring down water from a water pitcher onto the ground.
Fluid effects such as splashing water are widely used in video game and film industry. As a visual effect solution provider, Cebas Visual Technology is very interested to develop fluid solver, and such a development experience is for the intern student.

Advanced Particle Hydrodynamics for Film Rendering

In this project, the intern will develop computer software used by the film industry in order to simulate new visual effects such as water, blood, and other fluids. This is called fluid simulation. It is very hard, and requires sophisticated mathematics, physics,  and computer programming. Cebas sells a software package called thinkingParticles for the film industry. This software cannot presently simulate fluids in the way that they would work in the real world.