A Population Modelling Tookit for First Nations Commercial Fisheries Management

The goal of this research project is to develop a management toolkit that will enable First Nation fisheries managers to select and employ appropriate mathematical population models based on management objectives and available data. The primary societal contribution of this research program is the development of a toolkit that will immediately enable access to ecological risk assessment (ERA) tools that target the appropriate level of biological organization (i.e. populations) in a transparent, accountable, and scientifically defensible manner.

PopModel toolkit extension of methodological and user-interface modules: from prototype to beta testing

This research internship expands a prototype of population modeling (PopModel) computer software that was designed to meet the needs of the Saugeen Ojibway - a pair of First Nations deploying and managing the largest Aboriginal commercial fishery on the Great Lakes. A transdisciplinary approach is taken among researchers with advanced expertis in mathematics/statistics, computer software development, and fisheries ecology.