Discover anomaly signatures from time series data of telecommunication networks

Failures in a telecommunication network harm the communication quality. Once happened, if the system cannot solve it by self-healing, such anomaly may even result in serious problem and result in massive economic loss. In this project, we will design and develop a system to predict these failures in advance using the status values of the hardware facilities.

Adaptive Slicing for Intelligent Network Automation

The forthcoming 5G networks will be much more complex than their predecessors. They are on the verge of a generational transformation driven by the coverage, connectivity, availability, speed and latency demands of 5G. 5G networks will use network slicing to open up the network “as a service” to various third parties and their diversified applications, e.g., from autonomous vehicle control to massive machine-type communication for IoT devices.

WP 1.1.8 - Metro Reach Silicon Photonic Integrated Transceiver

Driven by cloud based applications and services, there are substantial worldwide research and commercialization efforts that are being directed toward improving the capacity of intra- and inter-data center networks. Intra-data center networks operate in the O-band (1260-1360 nm) over distances ranging from 0.5 m to 20 km, and inter-data center networks operate in the C-band (1530-1565 nm) over distances ranging from 20 km to 160 km.