Effective concrete mixes for Saskatchewan side walks using locally available pop-out prone aggregates

A disturbing number of aggregate pop-out cases have recently been observed in newly poured concrete throughout the City of Saskatoon. A “pop-out” is a small, often cone-shaped void in a horizontal concrete surface left after a near-surface aggregate particle has fractured. Aggregate pop-outs can accelerate the deterioration of concrete sidewalks and can result in safety hazards to pedestrians and increased maintenance costs. Every year, the City of Saskatoon removes and replaces deteriorated sidewalk panels throughout the city.

Development of Models and Control Schemes for Soft Open Points in Distribution Systems

More than 80% of power outages in power grids are caused by faults in distribution networks. To improve the system’s reliability and resiliency, the service restoration is critical after faults. The Soft Open Point (SOP) is an emerging power electronic device, which can be connected to terminals of feeders or between networked microgrids, and can be used to realize service restoration. In this proposal, we aim to develop models and control schemes of SOPs in distribution systems for service restoration purpose.

Evaluating the Winter Economy in Saskatoon

This study examines best practices for winter economic opportunities with the desired outcome of increased economic activity during the winter months. This study will employ a social impact lens to evaluate the policies and programs in place which support economic activity in winter in Saskatoon. Adopting a social impact lens allows the research team to employ a more holistic framework to analyze the policies and programs by using appropriate methods to collect qualitative and quantitative data from a broad set of relevant stakeholder groups.

Development of Statistical Models for Residential Property Assessment in Saskatoon

The Office of the City Assessor is required by the Cities Act to determine the fair value of land and improvements of single family dwellings by applying the residential sales comparison method. Thus, the intern will perform analysis to determine how major factors contribute to the values of properties using newly available data. Such analysis involves developing statistical models for major market areas in Saskatoon, preparing data for statistical analysis, estimation of models and evaluation the models’ performance based on statistical and economic plausibility.