The impact of Flood risk on the value of residential property: The case of Quebec city

Whether due to urbanization or climate changes, flood events have an impact on property value. Newly available geography data about flood risk zone have yet not been utilized to their full potential in Canada. This project aims to study the impact of the flood risk zone on the value of homes for Quebec City, and to identify other regions in Canada where similar conditions could affect housing value. The development of a strategy to expand the aim of research at the country-wide level will else be part of the project.

Research Study into Impact of E-mail on Employees

The proposed research to be undertaken is an investigation into the relationship between electronic communication (E-mail, text messages, and Instant Messages) and key employee/employer outcomes (Employee outcomes include: work-life conflict, perceived stress, depressed mood, and anxiety; Employer outcomes include: engagement, work-role overload, job satisfaction, and work related stress.