GaN Modelling for the EV Application

The use of new technologies, such as Gallium Nitride electronic switches, allows very efficient and compact power converters to be manufactured at reasonable cost. This is particularly interesting in applications such as electric vehicles. This project focuses on developing software simulation models and techniques for deploying these latest high voltage switches, in particular focussing on how they may best be controlled and used in manufacturable products. The next step will be to design complete power control modules for specific applications.

Characterization of Parasitic Lead Inductances of E-mode pGaN HEMTs to Debug the Early Drain Breakdown Problem

In the field of power electronics, it is vitally important to fabricate transistors that can work under high-voltage regimes, that are more energy-efficient. Our sponsor Crosslight has a customer, GaNPower, which is a Canadian company that designs and makes GaN transistors for this purpose. However, the transistors break down more easily when used on circuit boards after packaging. Crosslight is responsible to debug this problem. In this project, we will work with Crosslight build a test board and its circuit model to test its first hypothesis of the problem.

GaN Power Transistor Modelling and Experimental Verification

Crosslight Software Inc. is a leading provider of technology CAD (TCAD) tools for the design and simulation of semiconductor devices. They are specialized in innovative III-V compound materials which are considered as the next generation materials for power semiconductor devices. Crosslight has on-going activities in developing accurate simulation models for gallium nitride (GaN) material and devices. In particular, this is critical for the design of GaN based power transistors.

Implementation of the parallel FDTD analysis for optical devices simulation

As the complexity of the modern simulation problems increase, the simulation efforts have been growing constantly. Taking advantage of the current multi-core chip to fully utilizing the modern processors available in the market, the development of computational simulators that are scalable and portable between current hardware have become a real challenge. As a result of its simple implementation and wide frequency coverage, the FDTD solver is popular in several research / industry fields.

Modeling of Current Collapse and Gate Leakage Phenomena in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have emerged as promising candidates for high breakdown, high power output, and high operating temperature applications. However, there are several problems that hinder its practical use such as current collapse and high gate leakage current. Most of available studies use analytical formulas and only analyze a certain aspect. Physical models that can predict both phenomena consistently and describe a larger picture of device behavior are still lacking, which will be addressed in this work.