Implementation Framework for AAL Technologies to Support the Continuum of Care in Smart Communities

The Canadian healthcare system is not yet prepared to access and leverage IoT (Internet of Things) data to support clinical decision making outside of hospital settings (Nguyen et al., 2017). With advances in low-cost IoT technology, it is now possible to meaningfully incorporate a variety of sensors into our homes and communities, leading to the implementation of Smart Homes (Risteska Stojkoska & Trivodaliev, 2017) and Smart Communities to support healthy living (Bencardino & Greco, 2014; De Filippi et al., 2019).

Improving & Evaluating Aerosol PPE & Containment Devices for COVID-19 Virus

The coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has rapidly changed the way we live and work. Across Canada, many non-essential workplaces were directed to suspend normal operations and, though the pandemic continues, these restrictions are slowly being lifted, and workers are returning to work.

Exploring the need for a standard on work environment reporting

Poor work environment (WE) contributes to poor employee physical and mental health and reduced company productivity and performance. Reporting on the WE has little guidance, making WE in corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports inconsistent and not comparable between companies. This project explores the need for a management system standard for WE reporting and the development of a prototype WE reporting tool based on a review of the scientific literature and existing standards, and stakeholder feedback through a workshop and webinar.